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Posted by Biyervideo.com on Friday, March 13, 2020

Who We Are?

We steal aesthetic and most expensive wedding videos in Bangladesh. For the service charge or if you have any types of queries then knock us anytime. We will try our best to give you the best solution.

We have a complete Hollywood movie setup. Jubair Al Mamun & Md. Nizam Uddin’s Founder Business Partner of the organization.

Top Wedding Destinations In Our Area


Commercial Wedding Photography

Easily sell your product by trusting our crew when it comes to commercial wedding photography. Various services must be advertised and promoted through commercial use. We ensure the use of professional equipment to master the perfect photo. Our photography crew will research ahead of time to create the right scenery and adjustments made for your commercial wedding photoshoot. Brochures, magazine covers, digital advertisements and much more may easily be produced by our flexible team.

Studio Bride Portrait PhotoShoot

A wedding is mostly revolved around the bride herself! This means she can and most probably should be allowed to choose specific photoshoot themes before and even after the main event. Studio bride portrait photoshoots may be done solo or with the couple in our studios equipped with all the necessary equipment. Décor, scenery and other preferable details may be chosen by our customers. The bride or the couple are also able to customize their desired backdrop and scenery. We offer a wide variety of studio bride portrait services.

First Dance

The bride and groom’s first dance at a wedding must be captured through every angle! Unfortunately, the videography and photography team only have one chance to nail it. However, we ensure that our crew will not only immortalize the entire scene, but also give the couple many tips and tricks to work well with the camera. Lighting, angles, and various settings are taken into consideration during the photography of a first dance. Our team will coach the bride and groom and also set up cross lighting to get the exact amount of exposure during the dance. We also offer 1:1 coaching with the couple weeks in advance. The bride and groom will then no longer have to worry about the images of the dance.

Bridal Session

A bride is much more relaxed and stress-free days or even weeks before the big day. This has become a tradition for many brides to undergo a bridal photoshoot session. Our team of professionals can create any kind of theme fit to your desire. Whether it be in nature, the bride’s bedroom or perhaps in the countryside. The bride can wear her gown and pose care-free without having to worry about timing and guests. Our photo crew will help our client with exact lighting, posing and offer creative themes. A bridal session is a way for one to express her character through the eyes of our artistic photographers. Book your session now to capture your eternal moments!

Meet & Greet Engagement Photography

Want to try us out first? You can book an engagement session for 2 hours of shooting time with unlimited locations and wardrobe changes.

Engagement Photography

One of the best and creative ways to express a couples’ engagement is through photography of course! This is the exact time to fish creative ideas and consult with our photographers. We offer a wide range of services to meet you exact fantasies and preferences. Engagement photoshoots are a fun way to express the couples’ love and commitment to one another. We are ready to create and capture dramatic, romantic or even an adventurous themed photoshoot. The photos can late be used on invitation banners and digital invitation covers.

Newborn Photography

Want beautiful photos for your cute little baby ? We offer newborn photography session.

Family Sessions

Family photoshoots have always been popular across the globe. It is considered to be one of the most highly requested services in photography. Family photoshoot sessions capture precious moments with loved ones which are treasured for a lifetime. Various themes, locations and preferences can be made while booking your photoshoot with our company. Our customers can choose our studio as a set location, or book elsewhere. We will help you with props, ideas, tips on appearance and any other important factor which will help bring your vision to life. No need to worry about children being fussy as our professionals have years of experience in working with all kinds of people-from toddlers to elders.

Maternity Photoshoot

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman. Celebrate your fruits of labor through the art of photography! Celebrate how incredible your body is and capture your fascinating body. Maternity shoots are one of the most anticipated shoots for any professional. Allow yourself to get creative and specific with any kind of idea you have in mind. Consult in advance with our photographers to help get you started for the shoot. We will help honor your foundation and embrace you femininity. Maternity shoots don’t only have to focus on the mother-to-be, but also the parents to be! Our creative team will take your photos in any circumstance.

Combo (Wedding Photography + Cinematography)

Package Includes Unlimited Photo Coverage, One Hard Cover Album, High Definition Video Including Classic Trailer

Event Photography

We offer a wide range of photography services in Los Angeles, CA, Toronto and Montreal, Canada. Our team has years of experience in professional photography across Europe, Asia, Armenia and Asia. From weddings, to concerts, to recitals and even sports – we captivate it all! Equipped with modern day necessities and a sharp eye for detail. Day or night, low light or highly exposed – we nail it all. Book your sessions and feel free to discuss details with our team in advance.